Restoration Project

Restoration Project Videos

As part of our desire to preserve the art of historic stone building restoration work, we have produced this series of “Training Videos”. These videos were made to document the work we are doing for future caretakers of St. Joseph Apache Mission church. We offer them here to anyone who may have an interest in what we are doing.

First a Background Video (4:21) on the Restoration of St. Joseph Apache Mission Church and Veterans' Memorial


Here is a video we shot on the First Day of Our Restoration Project (4:26), February 2, 2000.
It shows the state of deterioration we were faced with at St. Joseph Apache Mission church.

Historic Stone Wall Repointing Training Videos

Learn the art of historic stone wall repointing using lime mortar from a master: Restoration Project Foreman Tommy Spottedbird.
Tommy has been doing this work for nine years now, having learned the art from the noted Brittish worker in earth and lime Mr. Pete Mold. There are many ways to do this kind of work; these videos show the techniques we are using with great success.

Step 1:   Mixing Lime Putty From Hydrated Lime Powder  (6:20)
Step 2:   Mixing Lime Mortar  (18:35)
Step 3:   Removing Deteriorated Mortar  (20:38)
Step 4:   Cleaning the Stone  (4:02)
Step 5:   Base Coat, part 1 (filling big holes)  (20:49)
Step 6:   Base Coat, part 2 (filling joints between the stones)  (18:08)
Step 7:   Top Coat  (12:56)
Step 8:   Scrape Back  (13:46)
Step 9:   Before and After (see some samples of the fruits of our labors.)  (1:38)

If you have questions, or would like a two-disk set of DVDs containing a higher resolution and larger picture version of these videos (please send a donation to cover the cost of shipping and handling), you can email us at: